World Environment Day 2021: Snapchat Lets You Showcase Efforts to Save Nature Using Bitmojis

World Environment Day 2021 will be celebrated on Saturday, June 5. And in the run-up to it, Snapchat has introduced dedicated Bitmojis to let you virtually showcase your efforts and love for nature. There are specific Bitmojis that you can use while watering plants, saving water, or looking at the rains. This year’s World Environment Day is based on the ‘Ecosystem Restoration’ theme. The Bitmojis available from Snapchat match the theme and are aimed at promoting habits that can help us clean our environment.

There are as many as nine Bitmojis that allow individuals to share their expressions on this year’s World Environment Day. Users can share the Bitmojis to promote recycling, gardening, and practices of saving electricity.

There also are Bitmojis that Snapchatters can use while doing something good for nature and their surroundings, such as giving water to plants or turning off their electric appliances when not in use. These can help spread some awareness on saving our environment while continuing to stay indoors till the coronavirus pandemic ends.

Bitmojis work as personalised stickers that feature your virtual avatar. Users can create new Bitmojis through the Bitmoji app or using the Snapchat app. Once created, Bitmojis can be shared over social media. You can also make a Bitmojis from your Snapchat profile picture.

Back in 2016, Snapchat parent Snap acquired Bitstrips, the company that originally launched the Bitmoji app. The Snapchat app since then has Bitmoji support and is making it more prominent every year.

Snapchat in December rolled out a Bitmoji-based paint game that allowed individuals to virtually come together and create paintings in a grid pattern.

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