The Gift Season 3: Netflix Release Date

Based on the novel World awakening by Şengül Boybaş, ‘The Gift’ is a Turkish psychological thriller series released for streaming by Netflix on December 27, 2019. The show has been well received in Turkey and even has a small fan base worldwide. Coupled with a few sci-fi factors, the show is a fantastic watch with a mysterious timeline.

The main character of the show is Atiye, a painter, and how her life is connected to a mysterious artifact buried for centuries. Following the show’s positive response, season 2 of ‘The Gift’ was released on September 10, 2020. Now with news that the third season takes place 8 years after the recent events, let’s take a look at everything we know about ‘The Gift ‘ season 3.

The Gift Season 3: Trailer

Netflix has officially released the new trailer for ‘The Gift’ season 3, which left fans in awe. The new trailer teased a time skip where the new season takes place eight years after Season 2. Watch the trailer for ‘The Gift’ season 3 on Netflix’s official YouTube channel for those who missed it.

The Gift Season 3: Release Date

Luckily for fans, season 3 of ‘The Gift’ has been filming for a while now, and there’s some good news for those interested in learning more about the time skip. The recent trailer revealed that season 3 would be released for streaming on June 17.

The Gift Season 3: Episodes

Season 3 of ‘The Gift’ follows the usual eight-episode trend, as it has in previous seasons. The show’s creators have officially confirmed that. However, there are chances that the episodes will be longer than the 30 to 50 minute runtime of the previous seasons.

Will there be a season 4 of ‘The Gift’?

There may be some bad news for fans of the Turkish thriller series about the future of ‘The Gift’. The production unit has officially stated that Season 3 will be the final season. So fans can take this as a calling and enjoy the last few episodes of the new season, which may have a happy ending.

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