The Forest PS4 Cheats: Want To Make Things Easier In The Forest Using Cheats?

Do you want to advance in the game with the help of the Forest Cheats to make things easier according to you? Do you really want the game to be in your favor and easily complete the levels without having to overcome many hurdles?

If you are going back in the back again and again in the survival games and want to kill all your enemies easily without killing yourself, then you can try these The Forest Cheats to make the game easier.

It depends on you how you can use these cheats to play in the game and make it easy to use.

These console commands, codes and cheats will change things in The forest game on PS4 or PC as per your need which will help you to give items to you, build caves brighter than the previous one, kill all your enemies you need most for survival in the game and many more cheats for you.

You do not need to install any mode or external programs to use these cheats as these cheats are built into the game The Forest.

How to use the Forest Cheats on Ps4

The Forest PS4 Cheats: Want To Make Things Easier In The Forest Using Cheats?

These cheats will help you in the game and make your life easier if you use these cheats properly or vice versa.

To trigger these cheats on Ps4 too if you plug in a USB keyboard but it can be patched at any time without warning and it’s common.

To activate these codes or cheats in the game, you have to type these commands in the main menu and then it’s done and you no longer press the enter button.

Also no notification or confirmations will be received when you enter the codes about the operation but it will work without showing any message on the screen and sometimes you cannot change these codes either.

These are the following codes that will help you in the forest survival game

  • Iron Forest – To make a building indestructible or unbreakable, type this code and type this code again to disable it.
  • Meat mode – if you want all cheats to be disabled and you want to continue the game without cheats, you can enter this code.
  • Vegan fashion – if you want your enemies to appear in the caves only, enter Veganmode code at the command in the main menu.
  • Rawmeat Mode – it’s for permanent death. Using this code will permanently delete all your saved files.
  • Regrowth – To make fallen trees grow again when you sleep, but 10% of the fallen trees grow back.
  • wood paste – This code or cheat will reset all holes made by the tap or hole cutter.
  • Vegetarian mode – When it is on, the enemies will only appear at night.

The Forest Cheats PS4

Vegan Fashion Cheats Code Will all enemies disappear of the map, but animals and cannibals are exceptions to this that reside in the caves.

To activate this mode, you must write or type “vegan mode”In the command in the main menu without spaces, which will work without notifying you and you don’t have to use function keys to know if it works or not. You will see whether these codes work or not when you start the game.

To disable all cheats in the “meatmode” mode in the main menu to play the game as before using these cheats.

You can also watch video to understand more about it and how it really works in Ps4.

How do you activate God mode in the forest?

To activate God mode, you must “developer modeon“In the main menu and type”god mode on ‘ in game after pressing the F1 key.

Final lines

You can make life easier in this survival horror game by using these cheats on Ps4 in The Forest in which you have to survive by killing enemies, mutants or animals which is developed and published by Endnight Games.

I hope you learn how to use these cheats to progress and manipulate things in the game.

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