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What is the city of the Titans? It must be a fundamental question for those who are not aware of the exact meaning of this. Basically, it is a superhero massive multiplayer online game whose name is famous worldwide.

The city of Titans is also known as the Phoenix Project. It’s essentially a community where players get involved to form a brand new superhero MMO from the ashes of the community of heroes. The community contains a number of players.

The big name behind the game is Missing World Media, a virtual studio of participants who came together to build a community to create an MMO. It is a great opportunity for those who want to work in the virtual studios.

The community-run effort to rebuild a new superhero MMO from the ashes of the City of Heroes community. The game was founded by players and is currently in early development, but hopes to produce a new game based on the same theme and principles that players loved in the original game.

The game is undergoing a Kickstarter project to get the software and team needed to keep the game sustainable in the long run.

City of Titans characters-

The Paragons

  • National Anthem (Harriet E. Ross)
  • Arrow Shadow (Melissa)
  • Cambion (Corwin)
  • Codebreaker (Arianna)
  • Memory (Jennifer)
  • Overclocking – Robotic speedster.
  • Particle (Peyton)
  • Guide (Feodor)

not connected

  • American star (James Duncan)
  • Bradford Boxer – a kid who becomes a hero!
  • Captain Corsair – Mascot of the Titan City football team.
  • Captain Orbit (Alan Arkwright) – Retired Silver Age superhero who now runs the Orbit Room.
  • Celerity – Heroic speedster.
  • Dangerbelle
  • Hijinx
  • indomitable man
  • Lady Latoki (Amelia Reeves)
  • solar binoculars
  • Topaz
  • TygronCity of Titans: Police of Titan City| Character| More information

Bureau of Paranormal Investigations and Tracking (The PIT)

  • Peter Jones – Commander
  • Wendy Blakemore – Director
  • Elga Dingler – Inventor
  • Jean-Louis Marchand – Archivist
  • Normand Rants – Researcher
  • Scooter – Ghost works with the PIT.
  • Joe Slick – Slimy interdimensional creature who works with the PIT.

Titan City Police

  • Yao Zhang – Commissioner
  • Gherrenfur – Chief. A humanoid wolf.
  • Lenny Alvarez – COP Suit Pilot
  • Armand Aragon – Detective
  • Kathleen Aurelia – Transferred from Washington DC and was the main protagonist of the Tales of the Titan City Police Department.
  • Martin Roth – Detective
  • Felix Wright – COP Suit expert.

Will City of Titans be accessible on Mac?

The main goal of the creators is to create a super-friendly game with lower features so that it can be easily accessed on devices with low memory as well. Speaking of the Mac, the game will definitely be available for the Macs and Windows.


It’s all about the city of the Titans. The game is in development and that’s why the game hasn’t been released at this time. The exact release date has not been disclosed by the community developers, but they said it took a lot of time to make such a game, so let’s wait for more future updates.

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