All You Need To Know Date Theme And Significance

World Environment Day 2021: Theme, Significance And All You Need To Know

Environment Day 2021: UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration will be launched on June 5

The World Environment Day is coming up on June 5. The ecosystems across the world support life on our planet and time is precious now. With the coronavirus pandemic going on for over a year, everything has taken a backseat and generation of plastic waste has increased. The State of Finance for Nature report released by the UNEP (United nations Environment Programme) on May 27 said: “A total investment in nature of USD 8.1 trillion is required between now and 2050 – while annual investment should reach USD 536 billion annually by 2050 – in order to successfully tackle the interlinked climate, biodiversity, and land degradation crises.” 

“Biodiversity loss is already costing the global economy 10 per cent of its output each year. If we do not sufficiently finance nature-based solutions, we will impact the capacities of countries to make progress on other vital areas such as education, health and employment. If we do not save nature now, we will not be able to achieve sustainable development,” Inger Andersen, the Executive Director of UNEP said.

Theme of World Environment Day 2021

The theme of World Environment Day is: Ecosystem Restoration. This year Pakistan will be the global host of the World Environment Day. The event will see the launch of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

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