5 Interesting Facts About Writing Skills From An Innovative Writer

Our ancestors, early humans, lived there mainly in the forest. If we compare today’s life with that time, there will rarely be anything that matches. We have all read how they covered their bodies with leaves. Now consider that if someone in today’s world wears leaves, it sounds crazy?

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The only thing that fits in with today’s world from that time is writing. Ancient people wrote things down mainly in the form of pictures and signs. The cuneiform was the first writing copy discovered by humans. It’s quite surprising how early people were interested in writing too. So, do you like writing? I’m sure you do! In this article, we’ll discuss writing and what we learn about it. We will further discuss some interesting facts about writing.

Writing – An innovative thing

Remember when there were huge books to read during the school days? Do you like to read them? I’m sure some of you do, which is AMAZING, but there are many who don’t. There is a big difference between reading textbooks vs reading a novel and we have one kid in our class who has all these types of novels and books to read, yes I am that kid!

So why can someone read a novel but not keep up with their books? The answer will be that novels are made more interesting so that the reader can engage and read the whole book without getting bored.

On the other hand, textbooks are generally informative in nature and there is nothing interesting to read in them. Personally, I like reading and writing and that’s why you see me here. If you’re anything like me, I’ve got something interesting for you. Are you excited?

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Let’s get back to the topic:

5 Interesting Facts About Writing Skills

In this post I discuss 5 interesting facts about writing skills which will be useful to you. So without much delay, LET’S BEGAN!

1. Writers use all 4 parts of the brain to write and make it excellent

When a person writes something in the newspaper, he/she uses all her body and mind in it. You must have heard that many writers prefer to travel alone or spend most of their time alone while writing, have you ever wondered why? This is because they used all their 4 parts of the brain to write.

2. Writers own Oxford Dictionary and add new words every 2 hours

Everyone has an Oxford Dictionary, you would be amazed to hear that a new word is added to it every 2 hours. The human language ability is so great that it creates new words or maybe we can say that we are bored because we keep using the same word. Therefore, we have many words for the same meaning.

3. Unique Calligraphy

There is a unique calligraphy known as Ambigram and the special thing is that the word reads the same whether you read it from the right side or the other way. To understand it more clearly, you can take the example of the given image.

4. Pronunciation makes the writers different

Pneumonultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis is the largest word in the English alphabet. Try to pronounce it

So this word is actually kind of lung disease caused by the inhalation of siliceous volcanic dust. I don’t know if this is some kind of illness or if pronouncing it makes you sick.

5. Get an idea from around the world

Writer can get their idea of ​​everything around them. Some writers write about the live copies, while others prefer to go for fiction. But there are a lot of writers who get a sense of it as they pop. Scientists explain this by saying that while popping, our body and mind are relaxed during that time. Not only this, there is a relationship between the behavior of your attention and the level of consciousness.


While writing is an innovative thing, we can’t deny that not everyone likes to do it. But there are many people around who love to write. Writing will help your mind to be more observant while on the other hand you will learn many new words. The intelligence of your mind will deepen and you will grow mentally.

We hope this article helps you learn some of the interesting things about writing. If you want to know something else, let us know.

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