10 ways to prepare for MCAT and score high

Are you interested in the medical line and are you about to write the Medical College Admission Test? Or are you thinking of ways to prepare for MCAT and score high? Then this post is highly relevant to your success as the core of not only passing but also achieving a very high score can be easily refined.

After meeting several medical students who had scaled excellently by the MCAT and are now doing very well, these tips were carefully packaged with a finesse of scientific twist.

Now these are the 10 ways to prepare for MCAT and score high;

1. Mindset and Priority

First, it is not an argument that not only passing but also achieving a high score in MCAT determines your future as a medical professional and as a result maximum attention should be given. You must have a very commendable attitude about this test, for this would be a monumental threshold to realizing that the vitality and call for urgency alongside adjectival dedication cannot be exaggerated.

First, make clear this idea that some successful people have not even withstood the stress of academic rigor, hence the reason you don’t just try. Don’t try MCAT, but do your best! It’s not just enough to say you’re intellectually healthy, tests like MCAT show that. It shows your degree of intelligence, maturity, critical thinking and problem solving within a short time. Maybe you were looking for the opportunity to show your stuff? This MCAT is the shot!

2. Avoid distractions

This is not the time to be on Instagram and Twitter or clubbing all the time. This is not the time to sleep unnecessarily long hours, you strive for excellence in a test, shut down other things and give it your all (it’s actually not that easy, but I can assure you, it will pay off). Distraction does not make you focus extensively on this goal of getting high in MCAT.

This is the underlined PHP command, everything you will do within this period will take
the central place in your mind must be closed for the time being.

3. Niche

Ever noticed that great men always have like-minded friends in their careers, you may have misunderstood something very important that you will be corrected during group discussions. Group discussions are where you learn, unlearn, and even relearn. “Two heads are better than one (actually two brilliant heads)” they say you know. And if you’re my type, I better watch out when I talk about it.

This is one thing about group discussions, it doesn’t have to have a pattern or routine, keep that vibe of flexibility where you can throw in dark humor and stuff.

4. Read

At this point you should know that reading personally is a very important aspect, and also the foundation of everything. I am a fan of powerful reading and I love that. Download Voice Aloud Reader in Playstore, this app will read notes to your hearing, all you need to do is plug in a cool earpiece and keep learning while you do other things, make sure you are in the middle of everything you read.

Give yourself a minimum hour of reading, MCAT is not a joke, you will have to read. You have to be exceptional, you can decide to read at least 7 hours every day. A very thorough preparation would provide you with the necessary and necessary insight.

5. Concept Notes

Don’t just read, concept notes, your drafts are the summary, but not just a summary, rather a summary of very convincing points you encountered while reading, those things you should not forget. Don’t be surprised if you read 7 hours and make a 5 page note, it’s cool.

6. Past Questions

I’m sure you wouldn’t want to misread, there are a number of topics and subtopics that you will come across in your textbook, but if you study past questions you will realize that those questions don’t come true. This is not to say that you should not read those places that would serve as amniotic fluid against any change of the tide, but rather pay more attention to the questions that always come up.

7. Build up your weaknesses

It is so relevant that you not only build in those areas where you are strong and score high on every previous question, but make sure you leave no stone unturned and carefully build a Jericho in those places by reading about it extensively.

8. Go on YouTube

You know what, some things are best learned when you see them. I’ve come across so many intricacies distilled by just one YouTube video explaining everything… This works more than magic.

9. Confidence

No one is going to tell you this but it is something to have and cherish, not the type to put to the test for a few days, confidence is actually key. Believe that after you try your best, you will write the test well and get excellent grades, put that in your mind, it is vital.

10. Rest

Yes, there are days when you wouldn’t study those 7 hours and you go to a nearby eatery and feel good. In fact, good rest promotes assimilation (I know you’ll love to hear that). Rest well, let those things sink into your faculty.

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