10 Other Uses of Petroleum Jelly You Didn’t Know About

10 Other Uses of Petroleum Jelly You Didn’t Know About

Aside from all moisturisers and lip balms, what petroleum jelly can do for your skin, especially in the winter, can’t be anything else. You know it! Petroleum jelly has been around for 150 years, showing that it lasts for good reason. It’s a multitasking magic cream!

Do not believe it? Well, you will now, as we prove to you how multitasking it can be!

1. Make your own lip gloss

All you need is an old lipstick and a spoonful of petroleum jelly. Cut the lipstick and add the petroleum jelly, mix well. Tada, there you have a homemade lip gloss!

2. Get the thicker eyelash and eyebrows

Take an unused mascara swab and dip it in the petroleum jelly jar and apply a coat to your lashes and brows. Do this before going to bed. Do this for a while and you will notice a difference.

Get sexy legs

Like that model, do you love the shine on the legs? Well it’s simple! Just dab it over each shin. For a deeper glow, mix some of the petroleum jelly with an old cracked bronzer and smooth it over your legs.

4. For long-lasting perfume

Before spraying the perfume, dab a small amount of jelly onto the areas. This ensures that the fragrance lasts longer.

5. The highlighter

Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to the top of your cheekbones for a radiant glow.

6. Treat played ends

The most common hair problem can be camouflaged with petroleum jelly. How? It’s simple: dip your fingers in petroleum jelly and apply them to the ends of your hair. Don’t apply much as you don’t want it to look slimy and greasy.

7. Prevent Hair Color Lines

While coloring your hair, apply the jelly to the hairline so that the color doesn’t seep into your forehead and prevent smudging.

8. Exfoliating Body Scrub

Mix some petroleum jelly and kosher sea salt for a good exfoliating body scrub.

9. Treat Dry Scalp

Who does not have this problem? The simple remedy for this is to apply some petroleum jelly to your scalp and massage it a bit, just like you do when you apply hair oil.

10. Stretch Your Lotion

Is your lotion running up? With this trick, it will last a few days longer! Just add a dollop of the jelly to the cream and mix it. You can also add baby cream to make the skin extra smooth.

See how versatile this goopy jelly is? Try the above and let us know what has helped you so far.

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