10 Best Waterproof Laptop Backpack on the Market 2021

Here we will share with you some of the best waterproof laptop backpacks available on the market right now. This is a selection of 100% waterproof laptop backpacks just for you to choose from.

Waterproof backpacks are made with materials and technology that prevent water or moisture from entering them. This allows you to use the backpack even under the rain and you can be sure that all your gadgets are safe. There are so many different waterproof laptop backpacks in the market. As you’ll agree, not all of them are good enough for the money. In this case, you may want to ask yourself, what’s the best waterproof laptop backpack you can buy?

Here are our top 10 waterproof laptop backpacks:

1. SOLDIERKNIFE Durable waterproof anti-theft laptop backpack

SOLDIERKNIFE Durable waterproof anti-theft laptop backpack is one of the best in the market. It is water resistant, made from DURABLE nylon. It has many spaces and compartments for storage. It has a USB charger on the outside with a built-in USB charger on the outside. The small anti-theft pocket on the lower back helps you keep your passport, wallet, phone and other valuables safe and convenient. Soldierknife is a 100% waterproof laptop backpack, suitable for both sexes.

2. Kopack 17-inch laptop backpack

It is 100% water-repellent, made of durable tear-resistant water-repellent material. The Kopack laptop backpack is made to hold a 17-inch thin laptop and other 16 most valuable items. It has an anti-theft hidden zone to hide your personal items in public. It is built with an external USB port with a cable to easily charge our devices.

3. MATEIN Waterproof travel laptop backpack

Made of water-resistant and durable polyester with metal zippers. MATEIN is one of the best waterproof backpacks built for 15.6 inch laptop and 15 inch, 14 inch and 13 inch Macbook / laptop. It has a built-in USB charger and cable inside, which provides an easier way to charge phones while walking.

4. Under Armor Hustle waterproof laptop backpack

Under Armor is a well-known brand when it comes to backpacks and fitness. It is made of 100% polyester waterproof material to keep the entire contents of the bag safe, in all weather conditions. It is lightweight which makes it comfortable and easy to carry. The backpack is specially designed with a padded slot to store laptops of different sizes, keeping them safe and dry. It has two shoulder straps, a top grab handle, two water bottle slots and two compartments for storage. Its style and design make it the best choice for women for work backpacks.

5. Tocode waterproof laptop backpack

The Tocode Backpack is 100% waterproof, made from tough water resistant Oxford material and durable metal zippers protect your device from light rain and accidental spills. Made for most popular 17.3 ″ laptops. It also has the capacity to easily store other tech electronics and daily necessities. It has an external micro USB port and a standard charging cable for easy charging of mobile devices. Appropriate design suit for school, college, business, travel, camping, hiking and other everyday wear.

6. Mancro waterproof 17.3 inch laptop backpack

Mancro’s waterproof backpack is one of the best on the market, made from water-resistant durable nylon. It is suitable for 17 ″ laptop. It has 3 main pockets and 9 small INNER pockets and 2 sealed side pockets. This bag allows you to take your tech supplies with you while on the go. The Mancro backpack comes with a built-in anti-theft combination lock. It has a USB charger and cable inside for easy charging.

7. Tzowla water resistant anti-theft laptop backpack

The 19.29 x 11.8 x 5.43 inch Tzowla backpack is one of the best anti-theft backpacks to buy. It is made of high quality polyester material which makes it 100% water resistant. It has a built-in USB interface and cable for easy charging of electronic devices. It also has the headphone interface that frees your hands when enjoying audio, music, etc. Its permanent password lock and durable metal zippers protect your valuables inside.

8. Markryden waterproof business laptop backpack

Markryden backpack is suitable for laptops less than 17.3 inches. It is made of a new generation of waterproof PU material and fully enclosed waterproof SBS zippers. Thanks to the multiple compartments you can take all your gadgets with you at the same time. The USB charging port design allows you to charge your electronic devices anytime, anywhere.

9. Tocode laptop backpack

Tocode is a 17-inch laptop bag with USB charging port and headphone port. Made from tough, water-resistant Oxford material and durable metal zippers, these features protect your device from light rain and accidental spills. It can easily accommodate 17-inch laptops and other technical electronics and daily necessities. It comes with a stylish daypack set-in external micro USB port and standard charging cable and much more. Tocode is clearly one of the best laptop backpacks you will find in the United States.

10. KROSER Travel Laptop backpack

KROSER waterproof backpack is made of a high-quality water-repellent ballistic fabric. The dimensions of 18.6 inches x 13.5 inches x 10.8 inches give this backpack the ability to accommodate a 17.3 inch laptop. It comes with multi-functional compartments and pockets that provide plenty of space for your laptop and other items. It has built-in USB PORT is convenient mobile phone charging. This laptop backpack is large and durable, perfect for school, travel, hiking, camping, business and outdoor activities.

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