10 Best Stretches and Exercises for Your Wrists!

Resume: With the increasing practice of more desk jobs than jobs that require physical labor, we spend more time sitting and working, not involving many muscles and joints. Using and exercising all our joints and muscles keeps them flexible and prevents injuries from sudden use. This article discusses the 10 best stretches and exercises for your wrists. And the most frequently asked questions to clear your doubts about wrist exercises.

The wrist bones are important, just like any other bone in your body. They help connect the hand to your arm, and the forearm muscles control movement around the wrist. There are about eighteen muscles associated with the forearm that aid in movement.

Benefits of Wrist Exercises

The wrist can be one of the most neglected parts of a fitness program because we don’t realize it’s the first contact joint. This can be when you play, lift, swing, dance or move something. It is therefore important to strengthen the wrists. There are many benefits to wrist exercises. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Wrist exercises can help prevent medical conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. Since most of us have desk jobs, wrist exercises can protect our wrists from developing such complications.
  2. Wrist exercises help you perform strength training exercises or bodyweight exercises without feeling tension or injuring yourself.
  3. Wrist training exercises increase and improve blood circulation to the wrists
  4. Stronger wrists help you perform everyday activities without worrying about injuries. This is especially true as you get older.

10 wrist stretches and exercises

Following are ten simple and effective wrist exercises that you can easily perform anywhere.

#1 Range of Motion Exercise

10 Best Stretches and Exercises for Your Wrists!

This exercise is considered a wrist warm-up exercise that can be practiced at the beginning or between other exercises during a break. This exercise requires you to bend and hold your arms at the elbow. Then make a fist and move it up and down ten times as far as you can. After completing the number of reps, move your wrist as far left and right as you can ten more times. It is imperative that you keep the movement smooth and continuous.

#2 Loosening stretch

Loose Stretch - Wrist Exercise

In this exercise, you will loosen and extend your hands and fingers before beginning any heavy lifting. You can also use this as a break between exercises. This is very simple, as you need to make a fist first and then open your fingers and extend them as far as possible. You can repeat this move 8-10 times.

#3 Prayer Stretches

Prayer Stretches

This exercise requires you to stand with your palms together and your elbows bent. Your fingertips should be just below your chin. Lower the hands to the waist and hold for 15-20 seconds. You can repeat this stretch 2-3 times.

#4 Spire and prayer rack

As a continuation of the previous exercise, you can spread your fingers and thumbs wide. Then move on to keeping your palms at a distance, still keeping the fingertips in contact. You can repeat this piece 2-3 times

#5 Ball squeezer

Ball squeezer - wrist exercise

You can use a tennis ball or practice putty in soft, medium or hard strengths for this exercise. If you can’t find either, you can roll up a towel or use a pool noodle to squeeze. You can hold the ball in your hand and wrap your fingers tightly around it. Squeeze the ball and hold it for 3-5 seconds before releasing it. Repeat this exercise 4-5 times.

#6 Elastic Band Amplifier

This is an exercise you can perform while sitting at your desk. This trains and flexes the small muscles of your hand. You can use a regular rubber band for this exercise.

Wrap the rubber band around your fingers. Now extend the fingers as far as possible and hold the position for 3-5 seconds. Release and repeat for 4-5 times.

#7 Wrist curls

This exercise can be performed with a clenched fist, or by holding a dumbbell or water bottle. Sit comfortably with your arms on your knees and palms facing up. Curl the wrists up, hold for a second and slowly return to the starting position. Do 12-15 reps in a controlled manner.

You can increase the weights as you improve your wrist strength.

#8 Wrists

Stand in front of the wall and place your palms against it with fingers facing up. Now walk your wrists up and down the wall a few times as far as possible. Repeat this exercise with the fingers pointing downwards the next few times.

#9 Grip reinforcement

There are many grip enhancers available. You need to select an amplifier with suitable resistance, squeeze it, hold the squeeze and then release the squeeze. You can repeat this 10-12 times.

#10 Desk Press

This exercise, which can be performed in a sitting position, requires you to place your palms up under the desk and press up against the bottom of the desk. Hold the press for five to ten seconds and then release it.

The pulse is an important part of everyday life and encompasses all the daily activities we perform. It is therefore necessary to build its strength and prevent it from weakening to avoid injury or discomfort. You can easily perform all the above exercises while sitting at your desk or at home, any time of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How often should you do wrist exercises?

A. You can do and practice wrist exercises 2 times a day.

Q. How can I avoid injury to my wrists while exercising?

A. You can avoid injury to the wrists during exercise by keeping the wrists stable and straight during the exercise. In addition, you can use light resistance bands or small weights that can challenge your wrists.

Q. Does wearing a wrist brace help?

A. Of course, even if you are not an athlete, wearing a wrist brace can help. It’s protective gear that can make a workout good without being painful.

Q. Can I still do wrist exercises if my wrist is broken?

A. It is not recommended to do wrist exercises if your wrist is injured or broken. Consult an orthopedic surgeon for treatment and a physiotherapist for rehabilitation. After the rehabilitation when you have got the full function of your wrists, you can start with the given wrist exercises.

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